Warranty Policy

Applicable on all purchases made online

Warranty Policy

  • All items purchased in Yateem Optician-online are genuine products sourced from the authorized suppliers for the brands
  • All items purchased from Yateem Optician Online are covered by a one year warranty against manufacturing defect
  • All items are tested and inspected before dispatch to ensure they are free of defects
  • Lens or eyewear coating defects, discoloration, fading of color at the time of purchase are the types of issues considered as manufacturing defect.
  • Scratches on the lenses, broken components, chemical damage, signs of wear & tear or discoloration with use beyond 1 year of regular usage are not considered as manufacturing defect. After delivery, if any such damages are identified, it needs to be notified to us within the same working day. If not it would be considered as damage of goods under the customer ownership.
  • Replacement of spare parts will be chargeable in cases other than manufacturing defects.

Basic Care and maintenance tips for eyewear

  • Sunglasses or Frames should only be cleaned with microfiber cloth. Using tissues or any other fabric can damage the sensitive coatings on the lens and will void the items warranty.
  • Eyewear should be wiped off after use to avoid sweat stains and accumulation of dirt , which can damage the look and feel of the product in the long run
  • Eyewear should be stowed away in their cases when not in use or when packed for travel.
  • Eyewear cannot be left on the dashboard of the car as the extreme heat can damage the sensitive coatings and warranty support will be void if the item is found to have excessive heat exposure
  • Eyewear should not be suspended using the Temple (arm) or bent beyond its structural limits for folding.
  • Ensure you select the right type of eyewear for the nature of your activity. Using certain high fashion eyewear for sporting activities will be impractical and can cause the product to undergo damage.
  • Eyewear made of leather, horn and wood should be cleaned with the appropriate cleaning material only
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals for cleaning your eyewear. Use eyewear grade cleaning solutions for cleaning the lens and the eyewear.

Contact Lens Guidelines

  • Ensure that your contact lens us used only for the time limit specified for each brand
  • Ensure that the contact lens is cleaned only with the approved contact lens cleaning solutions
  • Avoid using contact lens if you have any pain, irritation , active eye infection and consult your Ophthalmologist or Optometrist
  • Ensure you visit your Optometrist every year for a consultation to ensure your eye health and also to make sure you are wearing the right contact lens for your visual needs.

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