1 Day Acuvue Define Radiant Bright

1 Day Acuvue Define Radiant Bright

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CADR 30 8.5

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Product Feature


Ideal for adding depth and definition to darker eye shades


Johnson & Johnson’s LACREON® keeps your eyes moist and comfortable


Clear, crisp vision as well as an eye-catching appearance


Daily lenses for convenient and hygienic wear


UV protection adds an extra layer of defense against harmful ultraviolet rays

Product Description

1-Day Acuvue Define Radiant Bright daily contact lenses, by Johnson & Johnson, are perfect for adding a deep glow to your eye color with a lens that stays comfortable all day. Using colors that complement and enhance the natural shade of your iris, these lenses create a dark outer ring that circles your iris to amplify the contrast and provide depth and definition.

1-Day Acuvue Define Radiant Bright are also built with the same standards as every Acuvue lens. Johnson & Johnson’s LACREON® Technology is used to create a moisture cushion that keeps your eyes hydrated and irritation-free throughout the day. These lenses also provide an extra layer of defense against harmful ultraviolet light, with built in UV blocking to prevent damage caused by the sun.

Product Usage

1 Day Acuvue Define Radiant Bright is a daily disposable contact lens

Technical specifications

Manufacturer Johnson & Johnson
Brand Acuvue
Type of Lens Colored Contact Lenses
Material 58% Water + 42% Etafilcon A
Water content  58%
Oxygen permeability 21.4 x 10 Dk/t
Lens diameter 14.2 mm
Base curves 8.5 mm
Available powers -9.00D to -0.00D
Handling tint Yes
UVA/UVB protection Yes


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